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Pesky Pet Parasites: A Year-Round Problem

Caring for a four-legged companion involves more than providing them with good nutrition, playtime, and cozy couch cuddles. Responsible pet ownership is a lifelong commitment of regular veterinary care to ensure your pet thrives into their grey muzzle years. Our pets are family, our constant companions, and frequent nap partners during the chilly winter months. [...]

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Senior Pet Care Guidelines for Owners

Many issues that affect people as they enter their golden years can also affect your aging pet. Most pets require more frequent veterinary care and certain changes in their lifestyle once they reach 7 years of age. Keep reading to learn guidelines to help care for your senior pet, to help prolong their life and [...]

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10 Professional Tips to Medicate Your Pet

Some pets refuse to take substances they deem suspicious, making your job difficult if they are diagnosed with a condition requiring medication. They are also intelligent enough to realize when you are trying to trick them. Our team at Airway Animal Clinic wants to help by offering tips to medicate your pet without causing undue [...]

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What’s That Sound? July Fourth Considerations From a Pet’s Perspective

July Fourth is synonymous with freedom. July Fourth is also a time of year when the greatest number of pets are reported missing—except these pets aren’t celebrating their independence, but, unfortunately, are disoriented and terrified. While we watch a fireworks show in awe and wonder, our pets may be having an entirely different experience, and [...]

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How to Create a Pet First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential for not only your human family members, but also your pets. Cats and dogs often get into situations that require a bandage, eye flushing, or other treatment that will help stabilize them until they can reach a veterinarian. And, a first aid kit prepared with items geared toward your [...]

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