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Pet Holiday Safety 101

Celebrating the winter holidays may look a bit different this year because of COVID, but keeping your pets safe is as important as ever, which is why you are invited to join your pets’ class for their holiday safety lessons.  Holiday safety for cats Mrs. Katz: Good morning kitty class! As you may have noticed, [...]

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Vaccines 101 for Dayton Pet Owners

As you glance at your invoice after your pets’ annual wellness appointments, you’re at a loss. What is an FVRCP? Or a Bordetella? Is that some sort of mushroom? You know your Airway Animal Clinic veterinarian asked about your pets’ lifestyle and exposure risks before deciding on the vaccinations they needed, but much of it [...]

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How Did My Puppy Get Parvo? Canine Parvovirus Causes and Signs

A disease that strikes fear in the heart of veterinary professionals and puppy owners alike—canine parvovirus—is experiencing an unprecedented surge in case numbers in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. This gastrointestinal condition has long been the reason many puppy owners wait to socialize their new fluffy family members. However, behavioral issues caused by inadequate [...]

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New Kitten Essentials

Bringing a little cat friend into your family is a wonderful, exciting time. The first year of life is extremely important in shaping your cat’s ability to cope, as well as their relationship with your family members and visitors. Read on for tips on choosing the best feline friend for your family, and for help [...]

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Trouble Ahead: 7 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for Disaster

Fortunately for Ohio residents, our state is relatively removed from disasters such as hurricanes, forest fires, and earthquakes. However, unforeseen events, such as tornadoes, house fires, blizzards, and power outages do occasionally occur, and can still threaten your safety in Dayton. Be prepared for any situation, and ensure the safety of your entire family, including [...]

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7 Keys to Keeping Your Pet Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As more parts of the country institute stay-at-home measures to keep people safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are likely wondering how to also ensure your pet’s health and safety. For a happy, healthy pet during this coronavirus outbreak, the following seven steps are key.  #1: Stay informed with the most current, accurate [...]

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