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New Kitten Essentials

Bringing a little cat friend into your family is a wonderful, exciting time. The first year of life is extremely important in shaping your cat’s ability to cope, as well as their relationship with your family members and visitors. Read on for tips on choosing the best feline friend for your family, and for help [...]

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Trouble Ahead: 7 Ways to Prepare Your Pet for Disaster

Fortunately for Ohio residents, our state is relatively removed from disasters such as hurricanes, forest fires, and earthquakes. However, unforeseen events, such as tornadoes, house fires, blizzards, and power outages do occasionally occur, and can still threaten your safety in Dayton. Be prepared for any situation, and ensure the safety of your entire family, including [...]

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7 Keys to Keeping Your Pet Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As more parts of the country institute stay-at-home measures to keep people safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are likely wondering how to also ensure your pet’s health and safety. For a happy, healthy pet during this coronavirus outbreak, the following seven steps are key.  #1: Stay informed with the most current, accurate [...]

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5 Common Dental Conditions in Pets

When we think about pet health, many of us tend to forget about an important body part—the teeth. Unfortunately, dental problems are exceedingly common in pets, and many often go unnoticed by pet owners. While many of these conditions are preventable, others are inherited, or generally unavoidable. If you notice any of the following problems [...]

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There’s an App for That! How Airway Animal Clinic’s App Benefits You and Your Pet

Have you ever frantically searched Google late on a Saturday evening, seeking answers to your pet-health questions after your pet has developed a strange cough, a nasty case of diarrhea, or an itchy rash? Today’s technology gives us easy access to an overload of information but, sometimes, all the information available on the internet does [...]

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New Year, New Body Condition Score: Help Your Pet Reach a Healthy Weight in 2020

One resolution tops many people’s lists every New Year—shed those extra pounds. While local gyms and fitness centers reap the benefits of January memberships, pets could use their own fitness routine. With more than half our nation’s pets tipping the scales to the chunky side, why don’t you sign up your pet for her own [...]

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What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know about Managing Pets’ Stress and Anxiety

Watching your pet dissolve into a pile of drooling, quivering fur with wide, panicked eyes is heart-wrenching. Many pets suffer from fear and anxiety, whether they show it with mild signs, such as avoidance or lip licking, or with a full-blown panic attack, demonstrated by elimination, shaking, and vocalizing. Cats can also fall victim to [...]

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Age is Only a Number: Ensuring Good Quality of Life for Senior Pets

Senior pets are special—they’ve earned their rest and deserve to live their remaining days in comfort, surrounded by the love of their two-legged companions. Many owners recognize their older furry friends are slowing down, but they may not realize that simple changes in diet or routine, plus supplements or prescription medications, can address the reasons [...]

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