Wellness Exams

The saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Routine wellness exams is an important and easy way to keep your pet happy, healthy, and by your side for years to come. Health exams allow for us to establish a baseline for your pet's biological systems and behavior. This way, we can see if something goes subtly amiss. Catching a health issue early is important - the illness will be much easier to treat, and the prognosis for your dog or cat will be much better. Dogs and cats should have wellness exams once a year, and senior pets should have exams once every six months. If it's been longer than that for your pet, or if you are new to the area, just give us a call and we'll help!

Dental Care

If your pet is over the age of three, they very likely have periodontal disease. After your pet eats, if food particles are not brushed away, these particles stick to your pet's teeth and form plaque. Over time, minerals in your pet's saliva harden the plaque and it turns into tartar. This tartar then makes its way beneath the gumline, where it creates a friendly environment for bacteria to spread. This sets off a chain reaction, and the result is a painful mouth and damage to the internal structures of your pet's mouth. Pets with periodontal disease also have a higher probability of secondary health issues such as heart, liver or kidney disease, as the toxins can spread to your pet's internal organs through the bloodstream. The good news is... periodontal disease is 100% treatable! That is why it is important that your dog or cat undergoes regular dental cleanings (usually once a year). If it's been at least a year since your pet's mouth has been examined, or if you suspect periodontal disease (the hallmark symptom is bad breath), give us a call now so we can take great care of your dog or cat!


We have incredibly high standards for surgical care. We regularly perform routine procedures such as spay or neuters, and our team is trained and capable with more complicated procedures as well, such as orthopedic surgery, abdominal surgery, fracture and cruciate repair, and more. We are working to make high quality surgical care accessible to the people and pets of Dayton, because we believe you deserve the best.


Vaccines are an easy and important way to protect your pet from a range of harmful illnesses. Different pets require different vaccines, so we will take some time to understand your pet's lifestyle and unique needs in order to recommend a proper regiment. We provide core vaccinations (which are vaccines that every pet is required to have, such as rabies) as well as non core vaccinations (which are recommended based on lifestyle and risk factors).


We have invested in advanced diagnostic tools, such as radiology, to make sure that the patient care that your pet receives is truly exceptional. This technology is similar to what you would find in a quality human hospital. Radiology allows us to clearly see the internal structures of your pet. We can quickly spot fractures, injury, infection, or locate foreign bodies. It is a helpful diagnostic tool and elevates patient care standards.

Emergency & Critical Care

If you believe your pet might be experiencing an emergency, please call us right now. Emergency situations are scary, but our team is highly trained to handle the needs of a pet experiencing a medical crisis. It is important to call ahead so that we can prepare a room for you and get right to work stabilizing your pet and administering necessary treatment. If your pet experiences an emergency outside of our regular hours, please contact Medvet Emergency Veterinary Hospital (937) 293-2714.